Friday, January 7, 2011

Abiotic factors in an estuary (Japan)

Here are a few abiotic factors affecting an estuary:

Kamikochi Riverbed

Precipitation: Estuaries tend to get between 100mm and 1000mm. Estuary precipitation tends to vary greatly based on current weather.

        Temperature: Like precipitation, estuaries are incredibly varied in temperatures. The Amazon estuary in the summer can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit while an Alaskan estuary in the winter may be -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

      Soil: Estuaries don't really have "soil", but the riverbed often is very silty. It is of course constantly liquefied, and generally consists of silt, sand, and clay.

        Other geographic features: well, of course, the river and ocean. As has been mentioned before, this leads to a unique mixture of saltwater and freshwater.


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